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Rosemary Seeds Started

Wanted to post a quick update on my progress. I located some seeds I didn't plant last season, and will try to sprout them inside for the garden this spring. Didn't do many, but hopeful they will sprout and bring some much needed spring cheer. It's still so cold outside, and even a slight chance of snow this weekend. I've also been working on a rosemary inspired watercolor faerie, and planning a rosemary healing balm. Green Blessings all.



Ground ivy in my snail planter... a sign of spring? :)

Rosemary Studies Continue... and an Herbal Give-Away!

I've been continuing my journey with Rosemary. She is such a popular plant, that I haven't just limited my reading to the books mentioned in my previous post, but have been cross-referencing with other books I haven't opened in ages, along with my online research, and have also been tempted lately to check the cookbooks as well. I made a rustic bread using rosemary instead of caraway seed, and it turned out wonderfully.

I've also created a lovely herbal oil, and a vinegar, but have decided after more research not to make a tincture, since there can be danger of raising blood pressure, and kidney damage if taken in large doses. I created the oil in my yogurt maker, which allows for a consistent low warmth and strained in a french press, which I find to be an indispensible tool for straining herbal oils. I plan to use the oil topically for massage, and perhaps in a hair treatment. I've also been continuing to make a simple rosemary tea in the morning, which I enjoy drinking on my way into work.

Today I treated myself to a bottle of rosemary essential oil. I look forward to burning some in my diffuser this evening when resuming my reading, and will also use this when starting my herbal ally meditations.

My potted rosemary plant continues to keep me company, she speaks to me, I'm sure of this. We had a couple of warm spring-like days so she was able to get outside and stretch a bit in the warm sunlight. With spring here, now, I'm dreaming up all sorts of other ideas for using this herb.

I'll end this quick post by mentioning a give-away that you might be interested in. Joanna Rowan Mullane of Hedgefaery Herbals has just finished creating this magical book and will be giving away two copies! You only need to comment on her blog, or become a follower, and she'll do a drawing when she returns from her travels to Ireland. This book would be such a wonderful addition to my herbal library, I would love to own a copy, and Joanna's work is amazing. You can find her here:

Green Blessings to all!