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I hope you find my notes here useful and enjoyable.

~ Green Blessings ~

Back on the Path ...

I haven't forgotten my journey with rosemary.. I've just gotten a bit off track with some recent life challenges. It's been slow going, but I'm feeling stronger now and have been reflecting again on my ally Rosemary.

Unfortunately, my seedlings didn't do very well. Go figure that seedlings require attention, or at the very least to be watered! I failed terribly with both, so did not have baby rosemary plants to add to my garden this year, though I could try again now that I'm back home again.

Happily, my potted rosemary plant that I introduced you to earlier continued to thrive without my care and a bit of love from my husband and the evening showers we've been having. We move her around the yard now, and her current location is by my front gate where I can see her both coming and going. My reminder.

I'm still enjoying my rosemary vinegar in salads, and still prefer to drink the tea iced. I created a wonderful freshening spray with rosemary, grain alcohol and distilled water. Her fragrance comes through beautifully without adding and essential oil. I usually make this with thyme, but rosemary works wonderfully as well. I use this to freshen the air, and even on countertops in the kitchen. It's like smudging without the smoke :)

In my absence my herb garden continued to thrive. I share a few snippets with you here......

"Green Goddess of the Forest"

"Bee in the Balm"

"Green Plant Spirit Amongst the Mint"

"A Tangle of Marigold and Chamomile"

"Lemon Thyme.. My Other Ally.. Ambrosia to Me"

"The Promise of Pears... Untreated Fruit Trees in My Grove"

"Blueberries..Just Try Not to Eat One!"

Hope everyone is continuing to pursue their herbal ally journeys and enjoying the Summer!

Green Blessings to all.

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  1. Just found your blog through Joanna's. I hope your doing much better. Your blog here is so interesting. I'm crazy for my rosemary plants too.
    Hugs Rosemary... ( I know a little play on words ) :)