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Herbal Ally 2011 ... Rosemary

"Who now knows the ancient tongue of the moon? Who still listens to what the Goddess says, the language of the land has slipped away into the well of the past, and only the rocks and mountains remember what was told us long ago. Yet the land still sings in the wild and open spaces and whispers still in the flowers and grasses. I have found comfort and inspiration in the silence of these places, and I am most grateful for it."

Rosemary Remembers... and I chose Rosemary for my ally this year. She was the first herb I ever had contact with as a child, and have been enthralled ever since! I usually grow my rosemary in a pot, near the kitchen entrance. I seem to find practical uses for her without even thinking much about it. A snip here and there when cooking and grilling, a snip goes into my drinking water to freshen it, even a snippet in my shoe when hiking... she is reliable, strong, steadfast and true. She calls to me when I'm weak and in need of her guidance.

So I will study her more closely as a result of this challenge, and hope I learn more of her ways.

I'm a bit nervous about trying to winter this plant indoors all winter with limited sunlight, and was hesitant to take any cuttings for my infusion. The new growth is so soft and green.

But it seemed I was given her blessing, so I made a small infusion/tea with the some freshly snipped branches.

Will soon post on the results of this infusion, and more on the journal and research.

Green Blessings!


  1. Please let us know how she does in the pot... I would like to grow rosemary one we are settled in Colorado but will have to grow it in a pot. I look forward to more posts. Thanx!

  2. Who is that lovely quote from? I'll look forward to reading more about your Rosemary journey.

  3. I found this excerpt online years ago. I never really knew much about the author, but I believe it's a modification of one of Tony Kelly's writings in 1970. I always found this meaningful to use as a meditation when pondering the herbs, creating any herbals for healing, or even just outside enjoying nature. Since it speaks to me on many levels I thought it appropriate to include in my Rosemary journal for this project.

  4. This is my first visit to your site and it's lovely! I came here because I too find Rosemary to be a wonderful herb, from it's looks to it's aroma. I'd love to know more things I can use her for..and thanks to you I've made her my Ally :o) choice..I will try to keep up.